Career and Family – Can There Be a Conflict?

I am writing about this topic because there are a lot of concerns regarding giving up a career to save family relationships. This normally happens to wives who have busy husbands who support them. However, this may not be the usual question that a single mom faces because sacrificing your career or your job can greatly affect your family’s future.

One thing is sure, when one decides to give up a job, there should be a replacement that will be the main source of living to raise your kids. Otherwise, there should be no conflict unless the job takes too much of a mother’s time. When that happens, it will be time to look for a company that supports work-life balance and in this generation, there are a lot out there. Never think about the number of years that you have spent serving the company or the relationships with your colleagues. You’ve already given much of your time and it is about time to manage the attention that you give both to your work and your family. A single mom has to decide. Other than this possible issue, I don’t think there will be a conflict.

It will be better to have a better future for your children with more quality time spent with them than to have more quantity time and yet have a miserable day to day life raising them.

Of course, this is still a decision that a mother has to make. It is your life, your future, your child or children’s future. You are expected to make the right decision to ensure that they won’t question your priorities when they grow up.

Can there be a conflict? There can be but address it as soon as you see or feel it.