Prayer – The Source of Our Daily Strength

A mom faces all kinds of challenges every single day. Depending on the ages of her kids, she surely has things to deal with and her mind is surely occupied with concerns and decisions that her family relies on. These challenges are a given, but there should be a source of strength, inspiration, direction and guidance. This may be from the elders, from friends, but most importantly, this guidance must come from above.

Daily prayer helps in facing whatever is in store for the day. This is not only true for single or married moms. Each of us, regardless of what we do, and what economic level we belong to, we need to acknowledge the fact that there is a Divine Being who we should consult and talk to so we will have the needed strength for the day.

A prayer needs not be a repetition of words or a memorized line. In fact, this is not a prayer if it is just pronounced by our mouths and are not coming sincerely from the heart and are not creating changes in our mindset and hearts. A prayer needs to be sincerely coming from our inner thoughts with an intention to praise, thank and consult our Creator.

A simple prayer can start with praises directed to God for his wonderful deeds. It can be followed by a confession of our shortcomings whether these have been done in the past or just recently, whether intentional or unintentional. The Lord said in 1 John 1:9 that if we confess our sins to God, He will be faithful and just to forgive us. And only when He has forgiven us that we can present our requests to Him.

Our prayer is a venue to present our needs and wants. We have to express them. The Lord wants to hear us say what we ask from Him. We can be very specific with our requests. Initially, our prayers may mostly be focused on our own concerns but as it becomes a part of our daily routine, we will then include other people in our prayer because the Spirit will lead us to pray for them.

Prayer is a great source of spiritual strength. This is what we need to fight the daily battles of life. Let’s start with a 5-minute prayer everyday and before you know it, your prayer time becomes longer because there is so much that we want to present to our God.

Let’s start and make prayer a daily habit!