Client Culture – 5 Things to Remember

I am thinking of what to write today and since I have friends who have been experiencing some challenges with their work-from-home clients, I thought of sharing with you some insights about understanding the general characteristics of project-based online employers.

For those who are planning to work for North American employers, it is important to be guided by the following tips:

1. They are straightforward in what they say.

I admit I am a bit sensitive and sometimes I get offended with WTF statements because this is not a language I am used to, having been in the education field for many years. However, working for people in North America means you have to be used to this language. I still have to adjust but I don’t want to see myself saying such things in the future. What I am saying is get used to it. They express themselves that way and you just have to accept that.

2. Call them by their first name.

Although this may not be true for all, generally, western people are more comfortable being addressed with their first name instead of Sir or Ma’am. That is generally their culture. If the person does not correct that, he may be ego tripping. They normally correct and will ask you not to call them Sir or Ma’am. If he finds pleasure in the formal address, he does not belong to the majority. Note that the person who did not pay my friend and I liked it when he was called Sir. Something that was unusual. Americans normally want personal but sincere communication. They want you to tell them the real picture so they can address the matter well. Formal address is not very important to them.

3. They think and work quick.

Dilly-dallying does not have a place in work-from-home jobs. You have to be efficient without sacrificing effectiveness. You have to provide feedback when required to and respond immediately. There are those who are not very strict with this as long as you are doing your work well.

4. Say what you want.

Tell him what you need or what you want to be able to perform well. It has to be said in a way that is aimed to improving your level of productivity and effectiveness. If you have concerns, honestly say them. You cannot assume that he knows what you are thinking or feeling. He will not unless you tell him.

5. Be open for correction.

The work environment is very much different if you work in a traditional work setting. You have to learn from your mistakes and know how you can adjust to make your relationship with your employer work. Do not be too sensitive. Some freelancers are sensitive but teach yourself how to set aside your feelings when you work for western clients. Work for them is work. Deliver what they expect and you can be successful.

There are still other things that need to be considered when working but you can start from these. As you go along, you will learn and discover other things that are different from what you are used to in the usual work environment. You will learn from them too. 🙂

God bless your day!