Your Health is as Important as Your Income

Because of the bills that need to be paid and the daily responsibilities and obligations that need to be faced, most of our time may be spent working on how to prepare for meeting daily or monthly budget requirements. Doing this day after day can take a toll on one’s health and before you know it, you will start taking vitamins or medicines to keep that headache, body ache, body pain and stress away.

It is important to always keep yourself healthy and fit. A 5 to 15-minute daily exercise routine that may be non-impact exercise can help that heartbeat healthy and those muscles firm. You do it everyday and you will feel the difference. Do it 21 times and it becomes a habit.

Choose an exercise program that you can do everyday, whether after waking up or before getting to bed. It does not necessarily have to be a full zumba workout or an hour of run. As long as you do it everyday, this consistency will produce a positive effect on your body and your health.

My daily exercise includes some bun and arm workout that only takes at most 15 minutes a day. I can schedule a longer session on weekends but on weekdays, because I have to be at work at 7 am, I only schedule a 10-15 minute session. I do lunges and squats and lift two dumbbells that just makes my arms firm. Before I go to the bathroom, I do this routine and I feel its effects as I do my daily work. I do not get too stressed and tired, especially that I also take a power nap after taking my lunch.

A single mom needs to be healthy. Her family depends on her. This is what I tell myself everyday so I do take care of my body and makes sure that I am always physically fit. When medicines are out of my family’s concern, it’s like I have received a raise that I get to enjoy spending what is intended for my family.

Stay healthy! Start your exercise routine now!