Spiritual Health Promotes an Active Ministry and Vice-Versa

Can solo or busy parents not involve in ministry? Some say no because the schedule is too tight for such. The day-to-day tasks already take too much of a busy mom’s time or a working woman’s concerns.  However, the truth is that if one would like to become a blessing to other people, it can only require at least five minutes of a person’s time everyday to have a ministry to help others.

The best ministry for solo or busy parents is prayer. Being a prayer warrior for other people can create miracles that nothing can ever replace. Prayer for those who are depressed, sick, burdened, or financially challenged count a lot and can produce results more than one can ever expect. This ministry gives a feeling of worth and satisfaction for being of help to somebody in need.

Start praying for somebody everyday. It does not only serve as your ministry. It can also strengthen your spiritual health which will strengthen you as you go through life’s challenges.

Pray without ceasing and make your life useful for people you care about.