Maintaining a Natural Beauty While Doing Your Daily Tasks

One of the things that single moms neglect is appearance, especially, when she is raising a toddler who requires much of her attention. A time to look at the mirror may be a luxury, knowing that your child may fall from where he/she sits or whatever the child may grab can create a ripple disaster for the home. Thus, wearing makeup may not have a space in the tight 24-hour schedule of a mother, unless she is employed and needs to leave her child to somebody she trusts. Other than this situation, a single mom’s day can be very messy depending on the complexity level of her child’s kinesthetic intelligence.

For working at home single moms, it can take a bit of discipline and organization to still be able to make herself look pretty while doing all the chores for the day.

So, how can a mom still show a pretty look despite all the demands of her responsibilities?

Let’s start with the hair.  Before going to sleep, five to ten strokes of hair brush can help in maintaining the good hair drop for the following day. So, even if you have not taken that much needed shower yet, your hair can still look orderly. However, for the more challenging hair types, it will be best to have it raised and have some strands hanging to still show a sophisticated look, pretty much like the ones done in night gown competitions during a pageant. 🙂

The face will be next. You only have to take care of three important areas of the face. When these are taken care of, you can go anywhere and still be confident to show the natural you. Know how to fix your eyebrows. That is a requirement. If your brows are well-shaped, you can face anybody. If you do not have an idea on how to do it, search YouTube, try it and with repetitions, you’ll be good at it. Next is your lips. Just wear a shade that looks natural on you. For your day look, just wear a light lipstick shade. Third is your powder. This will put some glow on your face and conceal some blemishes. For oily skin, you need to check this every two to three hours just to make sure that you still have that natural luster and not that oily luster that can give you a haggard look.

There, start your day with a pretty smile wearing that nice eyebrows, lipstick and powder and you can surely face anybody non-verbally saying that you are a happy mom facing life today.

Enjoy your day always! You deserve to have time for yourself!